Your May 2017 Horoscope in Haiku

Where does Mercury go when it's out of retrograde? Do we really care? This month kicks off with a so long to the planet that seems to make our electronics and minds go awry, leaving space for solidifications of previous dreams and future business deals. With the focus on career sector, get ready to work hard, and play hard. All horoscopes as interpreted, in haiku, by Sarah Shanfield


Zodiac haikus for living in your light . 

Zodiac haikus for living in your light . 


Hero of the night

Watch out for heavy tuggers

On your cape of love.


Don’t sign anything

Before that Mercury has

Left its retrograde


You’ll have luck all month

Or will be blind to the bad,

On the other hand.


Single? you’re in luck.

In a relationship? You

Are also in luck.


Swallow all your pride

Because this month you will have

More to be proud of.


The sun is rising

In the sector of the sky

That may just blind you.  


Weigh the options well

Then take the one that your mom

Suggested to take.


People say you’re cray,

But this month you will show them

With that money luck.


Don’t go outside, Sag.

Stay in, wear jammies, eat pie.

Tell them I said so.


Maybe, just this month,

You could try with all your might

To be less stubborn?


Sorry the month where

Your element, falling hard,

Is over and gone.


The 9th will bring you

The answer to something you

Never even asked.


Thought I’d forget you?

The stars forget many things,

But not your good luck.


Sarah Shanfield