Olivia Williams also known as Liv.e is a 20 year old singer/song writer from Dallas, TX currently residing in Chicago. Liv.e works with Dolfin Records which consists of many talented and creative artists including the quickly upcoming Jon Bap. Liv.e has worked with artists such as Mndsgn, 10.4 Rog, Swarvy. Her debut EP ‘FRANK’ was also produced by artists such as Jon Bap and Seven Davis Jr.

The Playlist

This is a playlist of the things i enjoy listening to to start my morning, which is my time for external and internal self care. I like to be very selective about the frequencies i put into my ear because what you listen to influences how you go about your day. If you think about it, music can shape and shift your mood. These are also songs that reflect my unmatched secret romantic self (I’m truly a hopeless romantic). I always enjoy feeling free to sing and listen to songs that remind me of the love that comes in all forms.