I like to think of myself as a creature of Autumn. It’s when I feel I’m most alive. I count down summer days until I get to wear my leather jackets, vintage flannels, and rotate my lipsticks between raisin and mauve. Never beckoned by summer’s siren song.

I am also a dyed in the wool midwestern girl, which means I know that a long winter lies ahead so I treat a perfect autumn morning with the reverence it deserves - as sacred. One of my most sacred autumn morning rituals is drinking a hot cup of coffee and chatting around the kitchen table at my friend Bree’s farm.

Bree’s farm house on the east side of Detroit is a beautiful, winding world of its own. A bohemian paradise marked with a wood burning stove and surrounded by land where she and her husband grow food (they’ve named their operation Ghost Acre Farm). This summer Bree and our friend Maxine began growing flowers there - this section of the farm is named Mother of Pearl. Their flowers are wild and romantic and they’ve spent the summer nurturing, harvesting and arranging these flowers into a business of its own.

I spent a perfect October morning with Bree and Max talking flowers, friendship and manifesting the lives we want - brought my microphone so you could listen in. Enjoy.

Featuring Bree Hietala + Maxine Mcrann