Tim Schumack

Tim Schumack is a pop queer artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Blossoming from Detroit's creative community, Schumack has executed many facets of music performance and niche boutique spaces, while refining his pop palette. He has contributed time and creative currency to projects/performances for entities such as, Jaegermeister: Concept56, Détroit Is The New Black, Flint Eastwood, Ellen Rutt and The Seen. Currently, he is working on a music project called "Dancing Queen"; observations and celebratory vibrations regarding nightlife. The project is positioned for a 2019 release.

The Playlist


Summer is at a final close.

Nature adorns herself with new colors.

The air embraces a excited briskness.

Imminently a slow waltz towards winter.

NYC is exciting in many ways, but in the same vein can be unforgiving. Each day is an adventure and recalibration of focus. The constant stimulation and density of the city can feel magical or suffocating. The simple truth I've learned so far, is that the only true competition you have is against yourself. A few of my self-care rituals are drinking water, making time to be alone, talking to friends on the phone, and dressing for myself.

The curation of this playlist is like a chill party, the layered pieces of a crisp outfit, or the vibe for laundry day; easy listening, reminiscent and warm and cherishing the joys of simplicity.