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HERE : A Workshop Series

An exploration in wellness, movement and cultivating personal ritual. With Samantha Jameson of AYU Holistic and Deirdre Skiles of Detroit Rose.


March 2nd : 11am -2pm

Movement & meditation designed for letting it all go. Create your own organic bath soak and bathing ritual.


April 6th : 11am - 2pm

Reiki & massage designed to spark self love and compassion. Create your own organic oil and facial ritual.


May 4th : 11am - 2pm

Movement & meditation for heart opening and growth. Create your own candle and sunrise ritual.

+ exclusive newsletters filled with practices, resources, recipes, rituals, meditations, mantras  and more.

+ community time, drinks, bites, exclusive wellness resources and offerings

Expect to move and sweat in each workshop - dress for the occasion.

Join us for one workshop or join us for the entire journey, they are designed to flow as a series and we encourage you to attend all three.

Be Here. Together.


Deirdre & Samantha

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